Tenute di Badia was once a Monastery, built as a home by the Benedictin Camaldolese Monks from  St.Pietro a Pozzeveri.

Located along the path of the Via Francigena, a Pilgrim Route from the Middle Ages connecting Rome to Canterbury, this wide farm estate used to be a shelter for wayfarers from all over Europe.



 badia guelfa

The Ancient Abbey's Guelph Tower.

Inside the Abbey you can breath the atmosphere of the old times: the herring-bone terracotta paving, the fireplaces, the wooden beams of the ceilings and the rural furniture have been jealously preserved during the restoration. 

New and modern facilities have been anyway added for the comfort of our Guests.



Respect of tradition and awareness of our cultural roots.

Tenute di Badia offers you, our Guests, the opportunity for a Quiet and Relaxing Holiday through all the year,

with an easy access to many of our neighbouring historical and artistic towns.