Tradition & Progress



Almost fourty years have already passed since we started producing Tuscan Wines & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

After all of this time, environmental consciousness has developed together with our experience, and both of them are evolving everyday thanks to the progresses in agricultural sciences, techniques and ethics.

Wine Culture means care and respect for our workers, our fields, our soil, our neighbours and, last but not least, for our costumers.

Tenute di Badia agrees to the Ethic and Productive procedural guidelines of AgriqualitàTM.agriqualita


La Cantina - The Wine Cellar



This building, dated back to the first decade of XX Centurty, and located in the very hearth of the Farm Estate, is the most recently built here at Tenute di Badia.

''La Cantina'' is the place where we produce all of our D.O.C. Tuscan Wines, right in the heart of our Farmhouse, sorrounded by our Vineyard.

Equipped with the most modern technologies for controlling the temperature of the musts during fermentation processes, the Cellar is constantly supervised with great care and passion by our Technicians and our highly-qualified Enologist. It´s also an interesting attraction for tousands of people -visitors, tourists and wine enthusiasts- every year.



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 Grapevine cultivation & Wine Culture are almost as old as the History of Tuscan Civilisation itself. According to researchers, Etrurian people started to select grapes, produce and even export wine back in the VIII Century BC. Greek literature of the III Century BC already talks about the virtues of the ''Wines of Tuscany'' (back than known as 'Tuscia'). 





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Unlike Hotel rooms, not one of our Apartments looks like one other.

Despite being gifted with all of modern comfort, every one is furnished with unique, ancient details from our past

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